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5 Tips For Making a Truly Outrageuous Jem Movie

Last week, the news was released that a film adaption of the hit 80s cartoon ‘Jem and The Holograms’ was in the works. This lead to conflicted feelings in my heart. I was at once filled with excitement and disgust. Jem is truly outrageous, is it really possible for Hollywood (in its current state) to deliver a movie worthy of the title Jem? I worked myself into a tizzy over the whole thing. Then, I took a breath, and started to think of ways the movie could be good. Hollywood, pull up a chair and take some notes!

1. Make it Animated.

Why would you even dream of having it live action? Is it possible to create Synergy in a live action movie and it not look ridiculous? I am thinking no. Jem is about fantastic colours and over the top everything – this is a world suited to animation. Animated films bring in audiences of all ages and where storytelling can flourish – why are you fighting that Hollywood?

2. Get John Cameron Mitchell to Run the Show

If you are going to insist on going live action, get John Cameron Mitchell involved now! Jem could be a fantastic musical, it does not have to be mediocre. Mitchell knows how to create a colourful, thoughtful, toe tapping musical film.

3. Fashion

Create a world we do not live in but would like to for 90 mins. Make sure the costumes are flamboyant and a tad impractical. These outfits are placed on the body by a magical computer, they need to look like clothing from another world.

4. More Kimber

The cartoon could have used more Kimber. Fix this mistake by giving Kimber more screen time. She writes the music after all.

5. Write a Good Story

Seems obvious, I know. But gosh darn it, it seems as though story is the last thing film studios consider when reinterpreting old characters. Make Jem the movie better than ‘Jem and The Holograms’ the show. Write a creative, fun story with well thought out characters. Make sure that story comes first. Everything else will fall into place after that.

Now good luck, and don’t f*** it up. 

Empathy and Sympathy, Do You Know The Difference?

A lot of people think they are being empathetic when they are really being sympathetic. Empathy and Sympathy are two terms that are often used interchangeably but mean very different things. Empathy is a powerful gift you can give to any person who is ever feeling sad, in distress, or needs a little understanding. This delightful animated short clip explains the power of empathy perfectly.

Indie and Self Published Call Out!

Gumshoe is looking for some of the best indie and self published books that the wonderful world of literature is producing. Have a suggestion, or are currently promoting your own work? Email thegumshoeblog@gmail.com with the title and author.

Why I Need To Start Cooking More

I am becoming a fan of Michael Pollan. I recently read (review to be cup on Gumshoe very shortly) his book ‘Food Rules’. I loved is simple approach to what our relationship to food should be. Nutrition is a fairly new science and a lot less is known than most diet book authors would like you to know. One of Pollan’s key point is that people should be making a lot more of their food themselves. Below is a short video that perfectly explains why you can eat what you want as long as you make it yourself.

Top Videos of the Week

Isn’t that gif hypnotizing? Blood Orange not only gave us a new album this week but also dropped a fantastic new video. This weeks top video list is short, but it is oh so sweet. 

A$AP Rocky - Phoenix 


Blood Orange - Time Will Tell

Fuel for Working at Home

Gumshoe is busy at work on a new feature for the site. This means evenings spent working at the desk and not sitting in front of the tv or behind a book.

Yesterday morning a street intersection near my workplace had a broken water main; this lead to there being no water in the surrounding area and me having to return to my apartment to work from home for the day.

There are definte benefits to working from home. One is that I got to put my pjs back on. The other is that I can control the heating situation of my workspace. The downfalls from working from home are the proximity to the kitchen and the ease in which one can stop and take a break from working to, say, take a leisurley bath or catch up on Brooklyn Nine Nine episodes. The same benefits and pitfalls come from blogging at home. I have found a great way to combat these diversions is to:

1. Make a List: If I have a list of what I want to complete during the day I am far less likely to stop to wander down a youtube rabbit hole. Plus, I love checking off the work I have completed. It  makes me feel so accomplished.

2. Tea, lots of tea: I find that herbal tea keeps me motivated and keeps me away from constantly munching in the kitchen. Sure, I do have to go into the kitchen to boil water, but I am fairly certain I curb some of the snacking I would do by drinking some delicious tea.

3. Do take a quick break: Let’s be honest, when you are at work you tend to take short breaks to either chat to fellow employees ,or perhaps check your twitter account. It’s good to take a short break when you finish one task and before you move onto the next. I just don’t reccomend looking at recipes or pintnerest. With the proximity to the kitchen food pictures can be dangourous.

4. Pick a Time to Call it a Day: Sometimes, when you work from home, you can forget to stop working and burn yourself out for the next day of work.

5. One more cup of tea: To celebrate the end of the work day at home.

Top Videos of the Week

It is almost the last friday of August. That means we are moving closer to fall and sweater weather. Luckily, two of this weeks top videos have summer vibes. It’s not time to pull on the sweater just yet. 

Ka - Peace Akhi  

Chess game played by one.  

Sophia Knapp - Close to Me  

I do not know much about cars but when their are vintage race cars i pay attention.  

Major Lazer fest. Peaches & Timberlee - Scare Me

I am surprised more music videos do not feature their own action heroes. The video is fun, silly and channels the summer blockbuster vibe. 

Absolute Ultimate Podcast Playlist Pt.1


Oh Podcasts! You bring such joy, enlightenment, and humor to your listener. When facing a long journey you help make the time ease its way through the day.   

I used to think podcasts were perfect for solitary distraction. Pull your headphones on and drown out the world with entertaining talk. Lately, I have been bringing podcast playlists on short road trips where I am not the only person traveling. I now realize podcasts are perfect for road trips because of the dialogues that they produce. A great podcast is a discussion piece. Below is part one of a list of great podcasts to bring with you on any trip you may be taking. Podcasts are listed in no particular order. 

Visit Gumshoe Blog to see the complete list! 

Top Videos of the Week

Last week there were only two videos that made the top of the top list. This week has made up for the previous week’s lack of music video innovation.  

Camera Obscura - Break It To You Gently  

Shopping cart breaks free!  

Youth Lagoon - Raspberry Cane  

Delicate, beautiful animation to match a delicate, beautiful song.  

 Kim Deal - Are You Mine? 

Porcelain dolls perfectly express the ache in this love song.  

Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate

Ah, Italy. I wish I was there now.  

Just Blaze & Baauer fest Jay Z - Higher 

Amazing video. Definite contender for one of the years best.